Bill Gordon

La Tour Eiffel - a la nuit

Shot from an apartment in the 15th.

Eiffel at Twilight

Eiffel Above the Rooftops

Apartment Sunset

Apartment View - Rainy Day

Altar at Le Madeline

Paris Staircase from the 8th Floor

Looking Down

Paris Staircase from the Ground Floor

Looking Up

Eiffel at Twilight

Originally a color photo. I added a B&W layer and then erased the layer above the Eiffel to create this effect.

Eiffel at Twilight

Original color photo.

Beggar Woman in the Marais

Living Statue or Saint?

Sacre Coeur

Notre Dame Candles

Notre Dame

Louvre Lampposts

Louvre Queue

The Kiss - Luxembourg Gardens

Rainy Day Women

Converted photo to palette effect.

Get the Shot

No, that's not me. I was warm and dry when this photographer was shooting in the rain.

Parisian Wildflowers - Jardin des Plantes

Applied a Palette Knife filter to the original photo.

Louvre Panorama

4 photos stitched together in Photoshop

High Mass - L'Eglise St Merri - Paris

I have no idea how this chair was raised into the "rafters".

Altar - L'Eglise St Merri - Paris

Parisian Poppies - Jardin des Plantes

Louvre Pyramid Queue

Pont Alexander

Walking Along the Champs Elysee - Impressionist

Walking Along the Champs Elysee

Men Playing at Boule - Impressionist

Men Playing at Boule

Metallic Lace

Metallic Lace

Peek a Boo

Bottoms Up

Eiffel at Twilight

Invalides Cannon and Eiffel

Aglow at Twilight

Marais Colonade

Ice Cream Emergency

Eiffel Rooftops 7th

Eiffel Moon and Venus

Eiffel aglow in Fog

Saints Ascending - Notre Dame

Saints Descending - Notre Dame

St Chapelle - Downspout

Saints Ascending

Notre Dame

Private Conversation

Shot through apartment front door in the 7th.

What time is it?

Louvre Courtyard - Original Photo

Louvre Courtyard

Colored pencil effect in Photoshop.

Paris Street Art Face

Street art near the Pompdiou Center in Paris